With changing times, people are now investing more and more in their properties, specifically their homes. Now hiring interior designing firms for the interiors is a common thing; what is trending is the hiring of landscape architecture firms in Melbourne. Beautifying only the interiors is the thing of the past as people are looking forward to some unique ideas to renovate and optimum utilization of the empty space, be it backyard or front yard.

This trend has increased with a feature of sustainability and the use of nature and eco-friendly materials.  Well, the field experts have predicted a few landscape trends that are going to be “in” not for a while but for a longer time. Let us discuss a few raging trends of the year 2017.

#1 Combination of technology and nature: This trend is gaining momentum slowly and slowly. With the dire and compulsory need of outdoor lighting, techs are now busy in installing lights in between the groves and plants to give the whole area a mysterious and theme park look. Apart from lighting, sound systems and Wi-Fi, which have become the necessity of modern day living are also installed in the outdoors.

#2 Priority to Mother Nature: Going green is the latest and most beneficial trend. Landscaping has merged with nature and has turned into a completely new concept of “nature escaping”. This trend is going viral as it not only provides a unique charm to the whole property but also is eco-friendly and supporting the local vegetation and fauna. This is not only limited to placing a few plants here and there but far more than that. People are going to a whole new path with solar powered lights and water harvesting as well as LED lights that consume less energy.

#3 Use of drought resistant and native plants: Usage of plants that are local and drought resistant is catching up the speed. Instead of going for exotic plants that are quite difficult to maintain, people as well as landscaping services are opting for native plant species. Such species are very well accustomed to the local weather conditions and do not require that much maintenance as compared to their exotic counterparts.

#4 Rainwater harvesting: Storage of rainwater in underground tanks for future usage is one of the leading trends in landscaping architecture. Due to the strict water guidelines, now people are opting for this easy solution. Rainwater harvesting is quite popular in areas that are prone to storms and heavy rainfalls. According to authorities if this trend continues like this, then the supplied water usage will fall down drastically and will lead to an eco-friendly environment.

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